Spring/Summer 2015 Tommy Hilfiger

Collections|May 24, 2015

Spring.Summer 2015 Tommy Hilfiger 2 Spring.Summer 2015 Tommy Hilfiger

Embellished concert Ts, suede A-line skirts, stars and metallic stripes, Sergeant Pepper tailoring – it could only add up to one thing: a music festival.

Tommy Hilfiger’s show venue, and if the vinyl record invitation didn’t give it away, then his venue, a custom-built stadium set with a pair of drummers, certainly did. Models paraded around a lawn strewn in gerbers, it was a little bit Woodstock, a little bit Glasto.

The music festival girl – a free-spirited hippy with bandanas streaming from her wrist and a constellation of star tattoos stamped over her limbs – was Hilfiger’s spring muse, and he homed in on a glamorous riff of vintage rock ‘n’ roll (the genre is a personal love of the designer). It felt more British in parts than his usual all-American tendency and the show notes cited a nostalgic King’s Road attitude.

There were many shop-able pieces here; those wafty finale dresses printed in stars and other tattoo graphics commissioned by Fernando Lions were particularly standout, so too Hilfiger’s series of patchwork selvedge denim pieces, inspired by his original Seventies archival pieces.

Spring.Summer 2015 Tommy Hilfiger 3 Spring.Summer 2015 Tommy Hilfiger 4