Top Campaigns of A/W 2015-16

Fashion News|August 5, 2015

Fashion has hit refresh and cast a number of new faces in many of its most impacting advertising campaigns for Autumn/Winter 2015. This time last year, Edie Campbell appeared in three of the top five campaigns but this season, it was a proliferation of under-the-radar models that fronted some of best campaigns. In contrast, the traditional practice of casting high-wattage celebrities and supermodels read as a tired formula that failed to break through the clutter.

What’s more, for those fashion houses that cast lesser-known models, it was their brands — not the faces that represent them — that truly took centre stage. This is especially significant as the industry finds itself in a period of significant flux. In recent months, we have seen the first moves in the wholesale reinvention of Gucci, while the once mighty commercial powerhouse Prada has experienced a dip in sales and profitability. At LVMH, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton both continue to revamp their creative strategies to reenergise their brands and product offerings. The best of this season’s campaigns offered thoughtful and thought-provoking lenses through which to see these brands in evolution.

1. Gucci

Starring Antonia Wilson, Emmy Rappe, Lia Pavlova, Roos Abels, Sven de Vries, Tessa Bruinsma, Tobias Lundh, by Glen Luchford


2. Alexander McQueen 

Starring Ruth Bell, Julia van Os, Jamilla Hoogenboom by David Sims


3. Marc Jacobs 

 Starring Winona Ryder, Julia Nobis, Cher, Aamito Lagum, Cierra Skye, Grace Simmons, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Issa Lish, Molly Blair, Riley Montana, Sally Jonsson, Varya Shutova, Anthony Kiedis, Willow Smith, Debir Mazar, Steve Mackey, Marley Mackey, Sofia Coppola by David Sims


4. Céline 

 Starring Karly Loyce, Marland Backus, Agnes Nieske, Lisa Helen Kramer, Frederikke Sofie, Irina Djuranovic by Juergen Teller


5. J W Anderson 

 Unknown, by Jamie Hawkesworth


6. Prada

Starring Avery Blanchard, Estella Boersma, Inga Dezhina, Lineisy Montero, Ine Neefs, Greta Varlese, Maartje Verhoef by Steven Meisel


7. Bottega Veneta

Starring Anna Cleveland, Freddy Drabble by Juergen Teller


8. Loewe

Starring Marc André Turgeon by Steven Meisel


9. Miu Miu

Starring Hailey Gates, Mia Goth, Stacy Martin, Maddison Brown by Steven Meisel


10. Louis Vuitton

Starring Rianne van Rompaey, Angel Rutledge, Fernanda Ly, Liya Kebede, Julia Merkelbach, Freja Beha Erichsen, Jennifer Connelly, Alicia Vikander by Bruce Weber,  Juergen Teller


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