White Trainers

Fashion News|August 25, 2015

Fashion editors and tastemakers alike were kicking it in box-fresh trainers, and now sneakers have become so entrenched in our shoedrobes that a jazzy fashionista can be identified at 20 paces just by her personality trainers – fluoro Nike Flyknits, Chanel tweed trainers or Dior’s haute-couture sneakers are the ultimate signifiers.

But for the real purists, that’s the super-cool crowd, there really is only one way to go – and that’s pared back, clean and simple white trainers with a hint of teenage nostalgia.


Whatever your trainer taste, the best thing about the trend is it’s totally accessible – Nike’s Air Force One high-tops cost £75, a pair of Reeboks can be as affordable as £52 and Stan Smiths are just £47.

How to wear them? It’s not as hard as it looks. The first step is to shelve your hang-ups about trainers – they don’t look sloppy, that’s why we’re going for white rather than gig-going battered Converse. Instead, just replace your shoes with a pair of sneakers. If your everyday style is souped up with a ton of texture and sparkle, then that works with trainers.

Most importantly, don’t over think it. In the words of A Tribe Called Quest: can you kick it?

Yes, you can.