How to Wear White in the Winter

Fashion News|January 20, 2017

Practical it’s not, but the layering of parchment to oyster to cream looks so appealing and cozy, even more so long after the summer sun sets. HOW TO WEAR IT Don’t try to match shades; enjoy the subtleties. Select rich fabrics with texture and plush.


We’ve already established that white after Labor Day is not only acceptable but encouraged—consider it a chic alternative to all-black. Even better, the monochromatic look fits almost any style, whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist, or somewhere in between.


Thanks to El Nino, most of the country is *not *going to have a white Christmas. But a lack snow isn’t going to stop you, right? Right. Why not channel your snow-loving side with a winter white outfit. Now, more than trading cotton for cashmere, the rules of wearing white in the winter are way different than in the summer. It’s all about layering, fit, and combining different shades of white, ecru and even beige.