Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Alexander Wang

Autumn/Winter 2014-15|November 24, 2014

MEMO to Wang: travelling into the deepest depths of Brooklyn on an icy Saturday night doesn’t put show-goers in the best of moods. It transpires that his show venue is so remote that it doesn’t even show up on Sat Nav. And so, in a not-so-fun game of the blind leading the blind, a convoy […]

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Spring/Summer 2015 Alexander Wang

Collections|September 16, 2014

ACCORDING to Alexander Wang pimped-out sneakers aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Following on from renditions by Chanel (a tweed and hologram mash-up) and Dior (scattered in twinkling gems) this afternoon, Wang put his case forward for a bad-ass high-heeled stretchy version woven in neon – imagine a high-end Nike Flyknit. And they looked just the ticket […]

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Spring/Summer 2014-15 Alexander Wang

Collections|July 6, 2014

Two soundtracks playing simultaneously at one fashion show. That has to be a first. In the corrugated-ceilinged Pier 94, stripped bare, except for the half dozen or so towers of white scaffolding, Alexander Wang separated his audiences into two camps and seated them at either end of the building (as a side note, one couldn’t help […]

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Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Alexander Wang

Autumn/Winter 2013-14|February 24, 2014

Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Alexander Wang His first exits set the pace. With hair slicked down, combed tight to heads, models looked like sci fi man-mannequins from a digital age. A series of stiff tunic dresses with hard leather collars were decked out in moulded 3D storage compartments, each one stiff as a board, they were reminiscent […]

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