Sequins, Sequins, Sequins!

Heading to a holiday shindigs? Dashing off to a fancy dinner? Finding any excuse to celebrate?

Christmas is here.


 Sequins bring a festive spark to any outfit. Even the simplest of little black dresses, like those worn by Olivia Palermo and Abigail Breslin, look party-ready when covered in glitter. Just remember to keep the rest of your accessories to a minimum; a pair of pretty pumps and a classic clutch is all you need to shine all night long.

Get this season’s shimmer and shine trend just right and you’ll look oh-so awesome. Get it wrong and, well, you’ll look like Tinkerbell from the local panto. Never has it been so important to master the art of balancing muted clothing with accents of statement-making. Ladies, get your note pads and pens out. It’s time for a trend masterclass.


The new way to shine goes like this: your outfit needs to be a base of understated, well-tailored pieces and then turn on the fashion charm with one magic accessory, or key-piece that turns heads. An understated LBD will be set alight with a glitterball clutch and dazzling heels. Alternately, a dress that shimmers head-to-toe requires easy-going accessories in complimentary colours. It’s a balancing act between sophistication and sheer devil-may-care dressing.

The main ingredient for success with this trend? Confidence and a glass of Champagne. Sante, sweetie!

Issa London and Rodarte

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Loewe and Altuzarra

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Christopher Kane and Lucas Nascimento

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Michael Kors and Balmain

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Spring/Summer 2015 Prada

Such is the excitement surrounding a Prada fashion show that spectators can’t help but make assumptions as soon as the invitation lands. Let’s see, a beige linen card coated in plastic. Not much to conclude from that. The next clue: the venue. This evening, Mrs. Prada’s space on Via Fogazzaro was decked out in rust-coloured deep pile carpet, while the centre of the room was filled with peaked dunes of lavender sand, tons of the stuff, sparkling under the spotlights – it filled the air with a sweet perfume and looked like it would zing on the tongue like sherbet, should one wish to try it.

These thoughts, and others, were racing through the mind until 42 minutes later when the wait was finally over. Out came Gemma Ward (after a six-year hiatus from the industry) dressed in a narrowly cut double-breasted black coat with Seventies collar and contrast lines of basic running stitch outlining the seams. The idea of craftsmanship here was prevalent. Edges on everything were left to fray, jagged hemlines on sheer toile-like skirts appeared as though they had been hacked off backstage, minutes before exiting. It all communicated an element of ownership, of wear and tear.

Her choice of vintage-style fabrics were opulent and seemed more suited to upholstering than dressmaking; heavy damasks, rich flocking and brocades – which were especially made for this collection (Mrs. Prada keen to do her part to keep the tradition and skill alive) – were all the sort of materials more commonly used for curtains or to renew a sofa. Here, they were cut up and mixed and matched together, or used as trims – off-cuts if you like – spliced into leather A-line skirts. Chinoiserie even got a look – in via oriental silk shirts layered under mustard ribbed knitted vests.

The soundtrack was Kiss Me, borrowed from The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, a film by Marie Losier that centres on the life and work of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and his wife and collaborator Lady Jaye, it follows the sexual transformations they underwent during their Pandrogyne project, merging into one being. It was a provocative and powerful choice. Was Mrs. Prada merging the two worlds of the past and the future? The old with the new? It doesn’t really matter, these clothes were so spine-tingling good – and the accessories, too; clog boots and sublime bowling bags crafted from black crocodile with tan leather accents – she would be hard pushed to have found a record that didn’t set it all off with such emotional intensity.

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What a Christmas

My Christmas holiday was two weeks long but I can not believe that I am already back in Paris, where on earth did that time go!? What a Christmas it has been!!

Actual Christmas was very different this year for my family as it was my Grandpas 80th birthday on Christmas eve so he did what every other 80 year old does…throw a big house party to celebrate! So Christmas eve we all drove down to join in with the celebrations. This also meant that for the first Christmas ever we were able to spend it as a family, with my cousins and Auntie from Hong Kong, my other cousins from South Africa it was a big family get together.


Around the Christmas table we had 27 people instead of our usual little 7. It was so much fun with so many people pulling crackers, singing, laughing and talking. We played so many games all day and by the evening everyone was happy and exhausted.
On boxing day we were back home and able to have some quiet family time as just us, we went for a lovely long boxing day walk before the most looked forward meal of the year – bubble and squeak!

With no time to waste we were soon on our way to the airport for the next adventure of the holiday, our annual skiing trip to Whistler, Canada! After exploring all the different resorts in Europe, Canada has most definitely beaten all of them hands down. We stay in the beautiful Fairmont hotel a hop, skip and jump from the edge of the slope where the first lift is to take you straight up the mountain. As always this year did no disappoint, the weather was unbelievably beautiful clear blue skies and fresh snow for us on both Whistler mountain and Blackcomb mountain. Perfect!!


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In the evenings we had booked all different restaurant to eat at in the village with each one being more amazing than then next its is always so difficult for us to say which one is the best.

Click on the links below to explore my top three restaurants to try in Whistler:

  1. Araxi – executive chef James Walt
  2. Rimrock Café – Whistlers place for fish and game
  3. Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar

For New Years we attended the Fairmont’s New Year party as we have done every year. They decorate their largest ballroom which is covered in elaborately dressed tables and the most incredible buffet tables you will have ever seen. Just as a taster they had: lobster, crab, sushi, scallops, beef, lamb, pork, beef wellington, fish of all kinds, cheese, chocolate, macaroon…..

Just divine!

As well as this extensive array of food they also have a live band and singers that perform all night keeping the party alive and helping the countdown to 2015.


Happy New Year!

Spring/Summer 2015 Elie Saab

The sound of running water flowing through the vast white tent of the Espace Ephemere Tuileries in the heart of Paris  had a soothing effect on harried reporters as the Paris show season entered its final stretch.

But the real reason Elie Saab selected the sounds of waves splashing was to reflect this season’s theme of a plunge into the ocean in search of sunken treasures. He found dresses with a hidden beauty buried in the depths and hauled them up to the sartorial shore intact.

The intense colors, like oranges and blues, glistening sequined surfaces, and what the house called the “hidden beauty” of the underworld, was found reflected in the label’s typically flowing elegant dresses and sequined garments, some of which looked as opulent as wedding dresses but designed in other colors or made bold with strong shades used in degrade work creating a sublime slide of colors in one look.

The technique was used on floor length dresses with long slits that began with bold colors that diminished as the gowns reached the floor. The idea was that of dresses being dipped in water.

This season,  the designer broke with tradition and began the show with print dresses that looked like patterned scarves flying around the model in the ocean breeze, and cut to reveal bronzed legs and bordered with graphic black and white lines which gave a modern edge.

A mini dress with long sleeves and graphic black and white bordering was decorated in dreamy greens and oranges, like a coral spotted deep in the ocean, and a black sheer trouser suit decorated with patterns worked into the lace could have been the tattoo like surface or the skin of a translucent underwater creature.

Saab, like many designers this season, referenced the 1970s. But his 1970s was a glamorous and sophisticated affair. Think well dressed Dallas babes in long pants and shirts or glamorous evening wear.

Some of the details included lace that looked like sea foam or sequined dresses with a ripple effect, like the sun shimmering off the water.

It was a beautiful rich collection of princess mermaid gowns that employed sequins and draping to create sparkling objects of beauty, carried off by beautiful leggy women. A few had day jobs and lives and flirty paint suits to wear for those occasions.

Some of the dresses were so opulent in their underwater swirls of blues and oranges that they brought to mind the most beautiful fish in the ocean on show in a fine aquarium.

Where Saab comes into his own is with the lace and sequins that other designs sometimes miss the mark on. Here they looked as rich as fine jewels.


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