Spring/Summer 2015 Francesco Scognamiglio

Francesco Scognamiglio has been through his share of downs and ups lately. Losing a business partner, going it alone in a city notoriously difficult for fledgling independents, finding a new business partner. Tonight he was in the ascendant, with a collection of delicate, just a little bit dirty 1930s-inflected dresses. Long sleeves, bias-cut silk, below-the-knee hemlines, lots of boobies. Scognamiglio has never shied away from the nipple, and they were on proud display here. It’d be nice to see him address modesty-preserving lingerie at some point, but for the moment we’ll let the sheer factor slide. Why? Put simply, there was a lot of prettiness here, from baby-blue silk habotai numbers with almost ineffable lacy white embroideries to slightly more wholesome floral print styles overlaid with more of that exquisite lace. A white silk blouse worn with a stretchy black net skirt embroidered with shiny round silver studs roused the audience to spontaneous applause, a rare sound at this, or any, fashion week.

Best of all were the stretch tulle blouses worn with salopettes that formed a V over the breasts. That’s one way to deal with the see-through issue; they also showcased Scognamiglio’s skills as a tailor. The designer himself was most excited about the white tulle gown that Karmen Pedaru modeled at the end of the show. Appliquéd with lace and embroidered with crystals, it was a taste, he intimated, of a forthcoming couture collection.

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How To Prepare for Valentines Day

Let’s start with How to have the best Valentines Day…

1. Have a plan

No matter whether you’re spending Valentines Day with your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, ‘friend with benefits’, or simply just your friends, make sure you have a plan! There’s nothing worse than having huge expectations and ideas for a beautifully romantic, or absolutely hilarious valentines day, only to find out that everything you wanted to do is now unavailable… be organized, plan ahead and you’ll have a great day.

2. Book early

If you’re planning a meal out for this special evening, make sure you make a reservation because every other couple has the same idea. It’s the traditional and romantic thing to do on valentines, but it won’t be so great when you have to make a 5.30 reservation and are sitting amongst screaming kids or alternatively, have to wait until 10 to eat and fall asleep at the table. Having the perfect date at the perfect time will make your valentines day… well… perfect!

3. Valentine’s Transfer Deadline Day

Think of it as transfer deadline day in football, you have just under a week to get your act together and get sorted. Some people like to go for the buy-back clause and resign their ex’s, while others like to dip into their ‘friend zone’ in order to secure a free transfer. New profile pictures and last minute grafting can also go your way but just make sure you put in the work before it’s too late!

4. Make sure you feel good

High self-esteem is a must when the 14th Feb is approaching. There’s nothing worse than not feeling happy about yourself, especially on a day when you either want to impress someone else, or are very aware that you are still single. Spend the week eating healthy and looking after yourself. Statistics show it only takes just under a week to notice a difference, so get started now! Gym a few times, have early nights so that you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, even go to a spa, just make sure that when valentines comes around, you’re the best you that you can be.

5. Get the perfect gift

This doesn’t necessarily mean for your significant other. Although if you are lucky enough so be spending valentines day with someone that you love, turning up without a gift, or with a truly awful one, is a sure way to put a bum note on the evening. Once again it all comes down to planning, make sure you think ahead, and get something with sentimental value. As for the rest without a date to get a present for… get yourself one! This is the perfect opportunity to hit the stores and treat yourself, it’s a day all about love and affection, so buy yourself that top you’ve been wanting for ages, or get a manicure, spend some time and money on yourself!

And now how to have the worst…

1. Spend the day inside with Netflix

If you want to make yourself truly lonely and upset then spending the day inside, preferably still in bed, with Netflix thinking about how single you are or how unfair it is that your boyfriend / girlfriend isn’t here to spend the day with you, will do the job perfectly. Netflix is not your friend and watching episodes back to back will make you not only hate all of the characters and their annoyingly happy lives, but also yourself.

2. Make food your valentines date

It is common knowledge that the worst valentine’s date is food, excessive amounts of food. Even the first satisfying bite of a dairy milk bar, or dominos delivered to your door, is not a stronger feeling than the pure guilt and sickness when you realize you’ve eaten two pizzas, Doritos, dairy milk and four diet cokes. Bottom line is, you along with the shock and horror at your absolute greediness, you’ll wake up with bad skin weighing a lot more than yesterday… great Valentines Day present right?

3. Don’t think

For the unhappily single person on the 14th of Feb, going to a cute restaurant is probably one of the worst ideas. Especially if it has been done up super romantically for this special day and is full of horrendously cringe couples staring into each other’s eyes other over a candle lit dinner. You, on the other hand, are waiting for a table to be set for you and your equally as unhappy single friends as the restaurant “wasn’t expecting parties of more than two tonight”. Alternatively, you could be in a very happy relationship and have just not bothered to think. Forgetting to book a nice restaurant will leave you either eating at some ridiculously early or late hour, or worse, squashed into a booth at MacDonald’s because no restaurants have room for your unorganized self.

4. Get absolutely smashed

If your valentines hasn’t reached it’s low yet, then there’s nothing worse (or in this case better) than drinking obsessive amounts at dinner, just to make sure your drunk alter-ego can embarrass you even more. If you manage to then throw up all of your romantic valentines meal just after you ate it, you know you’re close to rock bottom… absolute floor level bad is if you throw it up on your date’s lap…

5. Hook up with an ex

If you’re feeling lonely on this romantic day, then hooking up with an ex will not cheer you up or make you feel better, it’ll leave you feeling empty and much lonelier than you were before you had this crazy idea. Let’s face it, they’re an ex for a reason… so let’s keep it that way.

chocolate covered strawberries | ... Dip Delights™ Valentine's Day Real Chocolate Covered Strawberries

By: Stephanie Parrott

Instagram: @steph_parrott

How would you prepare for Valentines Day? Let me know your advice below…

Spring/Summer 2015 Chloe

THE winning ideas here were to be found in Clare Waight Keller’s series of butter soft suede shorts and shirt combos (in a perfect shade of toffee) and elsewhere in her offering of indigo denim looks, worked into cropped straight-leg jeans, minis, and maxi skirts with cargo pockets. It lent an urban, utilitarian edge to this house and ticked many of the emerging spring trends.

But for better or worse, bohemia is never far from the mood board. Those balloon sleeve blouses, breezy kaftans and romantic cheesecloth dresses suspended from camisole straps and edged in pretty crochet will no doubt appeal to Ibiza types, while full-length goddess gowns anchored with empire line metal work will be just the ticket for a summer wedding.

Today, Clare Waight Keller dedicated her collection to Chloe’s founding designer, Gaby Aghion, who sadly passed away yesterday at her home in Paris age 93.

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Spring/Summer 2015 Chanel Couture

IT was a paper jungle in the round for Karl Lagerfeld’s couture offering, opened by Chanel gardeners with their waterless cans in khaki and a straw version of the hats he had embellished with tulle for the show.

The clothes were light in an extraordinary medley of fabrics that only Chanel is capable of creating – thousand-colour boucle and crystal flowered epaulettes. The block-colour wool suits that opened the show came with A-line skirts and long jackets but were swiftly replaced by the introduction of a new line – narrow and falling from the hip with a thin fabric belt looped through and hanging loose. Rooted in the flat leather boots, this silhouette looked fresh, often paired with midriff-baring tops.

Flowers were everywhere, from the hems and shoulder to the arm warmers of tulle and the hair decorations of transparent plastic hanging from the low plait Sam McKnight had given each girl.

You couldn’t help but think Karl had possibly been inspired by Cara Delevingne’s style with the wool beanies flecked with ostrich feathers that looked great with the evening wear. It was an optimistic light show that gave Chanel a youthful vitality without losing its elegance.

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