Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Marchesa

It’s always at this time of year that fashion week and the award ceremonies happen almost at the same time – the fashion shows provide a parade of possible outfit options for nominees. Of course, this is something that applies to some labels more than others – Oscar de la Renta is a prime target for this, an Marchesa too. This season the label took inspiration from “billowing” bonfires in the Scottish highlands – which made for an array of intense golden, sienna and burnt orange tones for feathers and beads on gowns that flustered into shape.

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Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Elie Saab

IF there’s one thing that Elie Saab does very well, it’s a fairytale dress. For brides-to-be, or even for brides that were, his are the sorts of dresses that dreams are made of – they’re the ultimate princess fantasy and you can’t help but fall in love with them, simply because they are so exquisite, elaborate and beautiful. Essentially, there’s not a lot not to like – unless of course you’re a tomboy through and through, and in which case it’s probably best to look away now – because they tick all the boxes of “pretty”.

And Saab once again achieved what he set out to do. He gave us gowns of the loveliest shades – from pink and pistachio to flesh and pale blue – in combinations of sheer and sprinkled with crystals or pearls to match the base colour beneath. They came mostly long in length and demanding their models to pick up the skirts at the turn of the corner with only a couple of cute short lengths thrown in too, but ravished throughout with embellishment and this lovely tone-on-tone rainbow of colour.

Romantic to the core, these were gowns to sweep you off your feet and in a world where normcore-casual is the zeitgeist of the day, you wouldn’t be able to help but feel amazing in one of these. If you got the chance to wear one that is.

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Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Calvin Klein Collection

THE Calvin Klein collection was all about textured knits – lovely to watch and imagine snuggling up in as respite from the weather – extra long sleeves on nubbly coats and fluffy woolen underskirts all seemed very timely.

With Naomi Watts in the front row, the cK woman had lost none of her slick A-list sophistication despite the lines being softened slightly, while thick weaves often patchworked together with thick overseams were a new look for creative director Francisco Costa – he’d even allowed for an unusual splash of colour, albeit muted.

The collection had a nicely craftsy feel, with long artisanal pins acting as clasps on oversized knits and shoes like workman’s lace-up boots – the Calvin Klein woman is definitely ready to take life on head first.

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Getting to know the girls

I have now been here just over a month and fell very settled. We have been well introduced into our classes and so I have my timetable up until Christmas time, each week full of classes, activities and field trips. My apartment I am absolutely loving! It is the most perfect size, the perfect location and definitely cute enough for me that I am able to make it very homely with a touch of Paris here and there.

I have now made a solid group of girl friends that I end up spending nearly all day every day with, one is from Belgium, one from California and one from South Africa. It already seems like I’ve known them all for a very long time every day learning something new, joking with each other and looking out for each other as we all get to know this new way of life.


Luckily for us we are definitely experiencing an ‘Indian Summer’ where the weather is surprisingly beautiful, the sun is shining and it really is getting very hot some days despite only being a month away from Christmas! Tuesday is our favourite day where we finish class at lunch time and so us four girls make our way to Le Voltigeur in the Marais. Here we are treated by the most amazing Cappuccions and a typical Parisian lunch and always manage to chat for hours. This is my favourite time of the week where I can just spend time getting to know the girls.

IMG_8239  IMG_8230Class at IFA Paris is become more and more amazing as the time goes on. Our teachers/lectures are all professionals in the fields that they are teaching therefore have the most amazing experience, backgrounds. Some designers, brand managers, trend analysis, marketing managers and each able to casually talk about the time that they worked with: Gucci, , LVMH, Balenciaga, Chanel…ect.

It really is quite amazing how these people that are teaching us are ultimately the person that we aspire to become after we have finished our course.

So this term we are focusing on:

  • Contemporary Fashion Context
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Collection Development
  • Fashion Ethnography

Not to mention our field trips where we walk down roads such as the Champs Elysees, Avenue Montaigne, Rue de Faubourg and Saint Honore. With these trips we are told about all the different designers as well as the architecture and traditional Parisian way of life. Therefore basically for hours we are able to spend out time shopping in and our of all of our favourite designers.

It therefore is easy to say that at the moment I am loving Paris, my school my apartment my friends, the fashion and most of all the city.