Spring/Summer 2016 Miu Miu


First, those shoes: David Bowie-style platforms crafted from a lightning bolt patchwork of Python and metallics were about as high as the silver and gold-foiled enclaves that models walked between. On the other end of the height spectrum; the ballet pump. It’s back. Neat blush pink silk ballet pumps with sweet little bow tie, albeit Mrs Prada’s redux come bandaged at the bridge and ankle in black and white gingham ribbon, suggesting she might have had an injury. She could well have done. These girls were a sinister bunch; with hair centre parted and divided into pig tails and lips painted a blue running to deepest red ombré. It’s this dark and suspect undercurrent that makes the Miu Miu mashup so appealing.

Whose wardrobe had she been rifling through this time? Perhaps her mother’s or an older sister’s but it never gets too trad when she pops a tiara on her head (set to become the hair accoutrement of Spring  2016). Ruffled sheer organza bed jackets, robes and nighties were layered on top of checked midi length pencil skirts, gingham shirts and knitted tank tops. Maybe they had secretly been out all day and night and threw a nightie on top for it to look like they had spent all evening at home, or maybe it’s a veil that disguises what really lies beneath – she’s always up to something.

Coats were also a big theme – oversized mannish duster styles boasted stripy sporty collars, geo intarsia or a recurring argyle diamond motif, while colourful fox fur scarves fastened diagonally across the torso and raccoon tail charms dangled off the side. Miu Miu girls will find lots to get excited about.

IMG_2941 IMG_2940

Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Miu Miu

miu miu 6 miu miu

This season, with her hair piled up into a scrappy ponytail and face perfectly framed by dangling crystal and daisy earrings, Mrs Prada’s Miu Miu girl had gone Eighties punk and Sloane in equal measures; imagine the Chelsea set hanging out at Kensington Market, or these days, Camden.

Princess Diana-style long sleeved cotton dresses with frilled sailor bibs had a rebellious edge, not least because of the wacky colour palette – even leopard prints were reimagined in brights – it looked graphic and optical. Heavy houndstooth wool coats – the sort that looked itchy, but charmingly, nostalgically so – were decorated with python skin cuffs, plackets and pockets, while homespun-looking short sleeved sweaters were layered over printed shirts.

Tipping the barometer between good taste/bad taste is the winning formula here; a wipe-clean, crocodile embossed sleeveless shift popped up in caramel; the fabric was also rendered into a canary yellow coat, the exact hue of which, matched the show invitation and the leather stools the audience were seated on.

Shoes were another point of interest. In tandem with each girl’s quirky, individual look, there were multiple, multi-coloured styles on offer. From square-heeled patent Mary Janes with oversized buckles, to python kitten heels with multi-straps, winkle-picker sling-backs and higher, sturdier heeled open-toed sandals, everything in lively, wild colour combinations.

Come autumn, choosing a favourite will be a tricky task among die-hard fans; all things considered, several pairs might be worth a month of beans on toast.

miu miu 5 miu miu 4 miu miu 3

Top Coats

As the season’s blend together and trends fly by ever faster, so transitional pieces gain greater value. A case in point? The spring coat, fashioned in breezy wool or supple leather. Practical, wearable, efortlessly stylish: make it your new fashion failsafe.

Add a pop of colour to your coat to brighten up a rainy day – tangerine and lemon seen at Emilio Pucci and Michael Kors, or Dior and Miu Miu’s candy pink.

Lightweight leathers provide the perfect mid-season coat for the unpredictable British weather or take a styling cue from Miu Miu – roll up your sleeves to further the transitional season aesthetic.


DKNY and Michael Kors.

Roksanda and Emilio Pucci.

Christian Dior and Miu Miu.



My First Week

After feeling slightly overhwelmed I’ve somehow survived my first week in Paris.

After getting settled into my apartment I started at my school IFA Paris – International Fashion Academy.

As I entered the building I had absolutely no idea where I was meant to go or what I was meant to expect but when I eventually entered the correct room I was welcome but a whole group of friendly faces. Once the whole class had arrived we went round and each introduced ourselves. It’s was absolutely amazing, every single person was from a different country wth a completely different story and reason how they had eventually landed in this class to start a masters in Fashion and Business.

From what I can remember there was a girl from: France, Italy, Germany, Costa Rica, Thailand, Belgium, California, Argentina, India, South Africa, Brazil and Russia….

After all the introductions we got given our timetable wich look so interesting. With half our lecture in Fashion and the other half in Business there is a real mixture of what we will be learning. the Fashion of course sounds the most exciting to me with each lecture actually doing what they are teaching as their profession, for example – my lecture in Buying is given by a lady who is a buyer for Gallery Lafayette, the Selfridges of Paris!!

Although classes aren’t always all day they still are everyday some being in the morning some being in the afternoon, so far the classes are great fun and so much more relaxed than university although I feel that soon it will change and the real work will begin.

So at the end of my first week I am very happy, completely exhausted from making friends, exploring and constantly getting lost in Paris, not to mention attempting to speak French at any given moment.

I’m very happy, I think it’s going to be a great year!

For my first day at IFA I wore my new black patent loafers from John Lewis and got lots of compliments. Click below to shop more loafers that I would just absolutely love to have: