Best Set Designs of LFW

 The fashion month catwalk sets are helping to turn fashion shows into the awe-inspiring spectacles they’ve become. Designers are enlisting the help of highly regarded artists-turned-set designers to create the impressive catwalk sets, which are often scaled down and carried through to window displays to complement collections. Catwalk set design also serves as inspiration for high-street retailers wanting to create eye-catching window displays and in-store installations relevant to seasonal trends.

This year compared to last years set designs are even more spectacular than before.

Below are my favourite and more inspiring catwalk designs from London Fashion Week 2016

Anya Hindmarch

Always known for crafting an intricate runway set, this time, Anya Hindmarch went for a pixelated look. The set was like one big game of Tetris, with movable square panels that flashed colors and lights, in time with the music.

Set designer: Set designer Stuart Nunn of INCA Productions
Theme: Retro 8 bit graphics and arcade games inspired the collection, comprising colourful pixels, Pacman ghosts and space invader motifs. This playful concept was carried through to the set design, where the floor and wall was made up of acrylic LED panels. Reminiscent of both 8-bit graphics and Rubik’s cubes, the light-up cubes began as a giant wall, before sliding across the floor.

Anya-Hindmarch-fashion-show-by-INCA-Productions-London-UK-04 anya-hindmarch-aw16-set-design_dezeen_1568_2


Set designer: London based set designer Gary Card
Theme: Roksanda’s set was a 160 metre midnight blue mural all hand-painted by Gary and his team, to complement the collection inspired by cult classic The Night Porter as well as the work of legendary photographer Deborah Turbeville.



With former Céline accessory designer at its helm, Mulberry’s getting a whole new look. And after lagging behind in the handbag and shoe department, it’s a welcome return to the scene. New creative director Johnny Coca served up envy-inducing printed totes and studded purses that will be considered “it” bags in no time.

Set designer: Brussels-based company Villa Eugenie which designs and stages fashion events
Theme: The first collection from Creative Director Johnny Coca was inspired by everything from Shakespeare, tradition and royalty through to punk rock. This eclectic ensemble was carried through to set design, made up of a multi-faceted mirrored backdrop which contrasted against the Guildhall’s historic stained glass interior.


Mary Katrantzou

Set designer: Special events company, Bureau Betak
Theme: The collection is based on a love story of opposing halves, drawing inspiration from twisted tales of romance such as Wild At Heart, Natural Born Killers, and Baz Luhrman’s Romeo and Juliet, resulting in a country and western-meets-50s Americana aesthetic. Influenced by Andy Warhol’s The Factory, the simple-yet-striking set comprised an aluminum catwalk and metallic silver helium balloon backdrop.

wgsn_catwalk_lfw_Mary_Katrantzou-600x399 mary-katrantzou-aw16-runway-show_dezeen_sq-468x468

Spring/Summer 2015 Mulberry

MULBERRY might still be without an official captain at the helm following the departure of Emma Hill last year but that doesn’t seem to be causing it any problem. In fact, the luxury fashion label is very much embracing this as time to redefine and work out what it’s all about, go back to its rich heritage, rekindle that British charm and make it modern and youthful – and all with Fran Stringer, head of ready-to-wear design, leading the way.

And while last season we had the distraction of Cara Delevingne’s new bag line over any clothes, that was set right – something that started with the pre-collection earlier this year. Kew Gardens continued to be inspiration, only this time – as Stringer noted – with the addition of some “hero flowers”. Mulberry is back in bloom and an English country garden very much its motivation.

So what do you need to know? Well delphiniums are the flower of choice – featuring as blown up illustration prints on elegant any-occasion dresses or as lacework on blouses; gardening clogs are no longer only for the home, rendered here in colourful jacquard; trellis is cool – worked into perforated leather jackets and dresses; parkas are de rigueur; grandad cardigans can bring sparkle to any outfit, because here with glitter they do; and one bag can actually be six. Yep, you read right.

The Delphie is the bag to note – a clutch, a handbag, a satchel, or all and any of the above, the idea here is catering for multiple occasions by lengthening magic straps and unbuttoning the front fold to reveal a new colour or fabrication and thus a new bag. Impressive stuff – and ideally catering for today’s time-poor but style-seeking folk.

And that, in fact, is the overall crux of this collection: parkas over pretty dresses; outfits for the British summer social calendar (think the arts, the Serpentine), utilitarian but romantic with it – how to straddle today’s dress codes. But make them appropriately “Mulberry” too.

A final note for those wondering if it was the day for the grand creative director reveal – no.

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My First Week

After feeling slightly overhwelmed I’ve somehow survived my first week in Paris.

After getting settled into my apartment I started at my school IFA Paris – International Fashion Academy.

As I entered the building I had absolutely no idea where I was meant to go or what I was meant to expect but when I eventually entered the correct room I was welcome but a whole group of friendly faces. Once the whole class had arrived we went round and each introduced ourselves. It’s was absolutely amazing, every single person was from a different country wth a completely different story and reason how they had eventually landed in this class to start a masters in Fashion and Business.

From what I can remember there was a girl from: France, Italy, Germany, Costa Rica, Thailand, Belgium, California, Argentina, India, South Africa, Brazil and Russia….

After all the introductions we got given our timetable wich look so interesting. With half our lecture in Fashion and the other half in Business there is a real mixture of what we will be learning. the Fashion of course sounds the most exciting to me with each lecture actually doing what they are teaching as their profession, for example – my lecture in Buying is given by a lady who is a buyer for Gallery Lafayette, the Selfridges of Paris!!

Although classes aren’t always all day they still are everyday some being in the morning some being in the afternoon, so far the classes are great fun and so much more relaxed than university although I feel that soon it will change and the real work will begin.

So at the end of my first week I am very happy, completely exhausted from making friends, exploring and constantly getting lost in Paris, not to mention attempting to speak French at any given moment.

I’m very happy, I think it’s going to be a great year!

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Autumn/ Winter 2014-15 Mulberry


Autumn/ Winter 2014-15 Mulberry

IS there nothing that Cara Delevingne can’t do? The model, actress and singer can now add the accolade of Mulberry bag designer to her repertoire, officially confirming it this afternoon at a grand reveal at Claridges. Last week the brand unveiled a teaser video and announced that they were working on a “creative project” together and it all came to fruition today: the Cara Delevingne collection, available in three sizes and three styles.

“In that first meeting I was quite strong about wanting it to be practical, something for a modern-day woman – or man – and not just doing one job,” explained Delevingne. “I’m such a tomboy that my first handbags were Peruvian gap year bags. But my first ever real handbag was a Mulberry bag.” So, really, it was a match made in heaven. “I never ever dreamed this would happen,” she added, clearly very happy with the outcome. In fact, the whole process was something she loved being involved with, even going so far as to doing the fabric cutting at the factory. “It was epic,” she enthused, revealing that the first bag she ever made was for her GCSE textiles class. That one didn’t turn out quite so well. “I definitely would have got an A with a Mulberry one,” she joked.

In a very Cara style, the three bags are little backpack designs that can be carried by hand too and come in a variety of fabrications including camouflage haircalf and quilted leather. Is a second collection on the cards? “We’ll see,” said Delevingne who, meanwhile, is plentifully busy with films, fashion and music. “Everything I do I love so much. Every day I wake up with a smile on my face,” she said.

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