Thinking Of Travelling? | Ski Season

Thinking of Doing a Ski Season?


If you love the snow like me and can’t get enough of the thrill of arriving at the top of a mountain, overlooking the vast valleys and forests covered in snow, only to whizz down on two skis, the wind in your hair, shredding up the powder… then why wouldn’t you go to a ski resort for a whole season (over three months) and get to do something you love, everyday? All while earning money. Sounds like a no brainer to me…

Reasons you should…

* The snow and the mountains aren’t going anywhere over the winter season so you can ski literally everyday, the only way it’s not too expensive is on a season.

* You get the opportunity of meeting new and exciting people who are there for exactly the same reason as you… you’re bound to get along.

* Experience a different world. The lands of ski resorts are truly magical places and as well as experiencing a different country, you also get to experience a new lifestyle.

* Explore a different career path. Whether it’s in instructing, chalet hosting, bar work or mountain help, the career opportunities at ski resorts are vast and there’s something for everyone.

Reasons you shouldn’t…

* Although while on a season you will be working, this isn’t the place to go if you’re planning on saving up money. Inevitably you will be spending what you earn on accommodation, food and the ever so famous après-ski.

* The hours are long. If you’re looking to escape from busy work life and relax in the mountains, that could be possible with a few of the jobs, however most involve long hours and as soon as you’ve got a minute off you’ll be busy skiing or drinking.

* Staff accommodation isn’t any four star hotel. If you’re looking for a homely home of luxury during your season then think again, staff accommodation is cheap and crowded, but loads and loads of fun.



For my ski season, I went to Whistler, Canada – the home of the winter Olympics last year and renowned for big downfalls of snow, and huge amounts of powder. Being from the UK, and growing up learning to ski in Europe, I wanted to try something different and experience a whole new world of skiing – and in Canada everything is so much bigger! The slopes are hugely wide and long, which makes time spent on lifts during the day so much shorter. The terrain suits anyone’s style, with huge pisted tracks, tricky tree runs, mogule race fields, terrain parks with jumps and boxes, there’s literally everything and more in the whistler ski resort and that’s not including the thousands and thousands of acres of back country and off piste to be explored.  Although there’s a no drinking on the slopes law, it doesn’t stop the après being wild, with hundreds of famous hang out bars at the bottom of the slopes, waiting for you to finish your day with a giant plate of nachos and a bar-side ski shot race. Whistler really was a whole new fantasy world to me, with the resort village coming to life at night, full of not only restaurants, bars and shops, but ice rinks, bungee jumps and fire shows on the slopes at night.

My time in Whistler was one of the best times of my life and I really don’t think the experience that I had would have been the same in any other resort.

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Story Of A Jack Wills Seasonnaire | First Week in Salcombe

Steph has been given the amazing opportunity to be a Jack Will Seasonnaire for the summer.

Living, sleeping, dreaming and partying all things Jack Wills.

During her time in Salcombe, Steph is regularly updating us with the amazing experiences she is having.

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    2. Story Of A Jack Wills Seasonnaire | Arriving in Salcombe


So this first week has gone so fast and almost been a bit of a blur. In order to stop myself having any feelings of homesickness or being a stranger in this town, I have kept myself extremely busy and managed to have such a fun week! I really didn’t need to worry…

Monday morning we woke up to miserable weather and so decided to take it as an opportunity to climb into the landrover and go for a long drive, exploring the beautiful country side and all of the different surfing beaches, talking to the different surf clubs along the way. When we got back to the house we were absolutely exhausted and a trip to the local pub to meet some friends was definitely needed! We ended up spending all evening there, until we headed back to the house for some dinner and an early night, ready for a busy day the next day.

On Tuesday we had a bit of a blip regarding out opening party as we started advertising it for the wrong day! Such idiots… we quickly sorted that out though and went for a quick meeting with the manager of the bar to sort everything out. The meeting went so fab and we actually couldn’t have been happier with it, we got everything sorted, the date changed, the venue and band booked and were so happy! After organising the party, I had to drive Ewan half an hour to Bantham beach (he can’t drive) for his surfing lesson but the weather was so horrible so I met some friends on another beach (half an hour away) for lunch and a long walk on the beach, before driving back to Bantham (so bored of driving now) to pick up Ewan to then both go back to Salcombe. I was absolutely exhausted so made myself a big yummy dinner when I got in, before heading to a friends house to get ready for our night out!


On Wednesday we woke up to a mission, build an epic sandcastle! We only had an hour to get it completed to headed down town and got the boat taxi across the sea to north sands beach where we started building! Well.. I was building and Ewan was taking photos! After our sandcastle was complete we took some quick snaps and then headed back to our house to use the wifi and submit it to head office. We then met up with some friends and headed to The Winking Prawn for lunch, it’s a really cute beach restaurant overlooking the huge bay with the most delicious deep fried popcorn shrimp ever! We filled ourselves up completely and then headed back to the house to do some filming! It was such a busy day but we needed to film some practise interviews ready for the festival that we’ve got coming up! My friend Tess dressed up as James Bay and I played the role of interviewer, we both got so into our roles pretending that we were actually at a festival and it was absolutely hilarious and our manager loved it! Wednesday evening was a lazy one, Ewan decided to take a nap at around 5pm and didn’t resurface again so I spent my evening sorting out some things for the festival, cooking a yummy stir fry, on FaceTime to my dad for his birthday and watching gossip girl!

This morning was a fab one, our friend Dan took us for a whizz around the harbour on his Rib boat! We stopped off at Captain Morgan’s for some breakfast sarnies to have on the journey and sailed around the different beaches, properly appreciating Salcombe. Then I had a very much needed stop of at Cranches Pantry, the famous proper British Sweet Shop!

This afternoon will be filled with party prep and festival planning… we leave tomorrow! It feels as if we’ve only just got to Salcombe and we’re already getting ready to leave… but only for the weekend, then we’ll be back!

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