Thinking Of Travelling? | Ski Season

Thinking of Doing a Ski Season?


If you love the snow like me and can’t get enough of the thrill of arriving at the top of a mountain, overlooking the vast valleys and forests covered in snow, only to whizz down on two skis, the wind in your hair, shredding up the powder… then why wouldn’t you go to a ski resort for a whole season (over three months) and get to do something you love, everyday? All while earning money. Sounds like a no brainer to me…

Reasons you should…

* The snow and the mountains aren’t going anywhere over the winter season so you can ski literally everyday, the only way it’s not too expensive is on a season.

* You get the opportunity of meeting new and exciting people who are there for exactly the same reason as you… you’re bound to get along.

* Experience a different world. The lands of ski resorts are truly magical places and as well as experiencing a different country, you also get to experience a new lifestyle.

* Explore a different career path. Whether it’s in instructing, chalet hosting, bar work or mountain help, the career opportunities at ski resorts are vast and there’s something for everyone.

Reasons you shouldn’t…

* Although while on a season you will be working, this isn’t the place to go if you’re planning on saving up money. Inevitably you will be spending what you earn on accommodation, food and the ever so famous après-ski.

* The hours are long. If you’re looking to escape from busy work life and relax in the mountains, that could be possible with a few of the jobs, however most involve long hours and as soon as you’ve got a minute off you’ll be busy skiing or drinking.

* Staff accommodation isn’t any four star hotel. If you’re looking for a homely home of luxury during your season then think again, staff accommodation is cheap and crowded, but loads and loads of fun.



For my ski season, I went to Whistler, Canada – the home of the winter Olympics last year and renowned for big downfalls of snow, and huge amounts of powder. Being from the UK, and growing up learning to ski in Europe, I wanted to try something different and experience a whole new world of skiing – and in Canada everything is so much bigger! The slopes are hugely wide and long, which makes time spent on lifts during the day so much shorter. The terrain suits anyone’s style, with huge pisted tracks, tricky tree runs, mogule race fields, terrain parks with jumps and boxes, there’s literally everything and more in the whistler ski resort and that’s not including the thousands and thousands of acres of back country and off piste to be explored.  Although there’s a no drinking on the slopes law, it doesn’t stop the après being wild, with hundreds of famous hang out bars at the bottom of the slopes, waiting for you to finish your day with a giant plate of nachos and a bar-side ski shot race. Whistler really was a whole new fantasy world to me, with the resort village coming to life at night, full of not only restaurants, bars and shops, but ice rinks, bungee jumps and fire shows on the slopes at night.

My time in Whistler was one of the best times of my life and I really don’t think the experience that I had would have been the same in any other resort.

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Thinking of Travelling? | Paris

After regularly visiting me in Paris Steph has found the perfect way to explore this amazing city on a budget:

While the summer is coming to an end and money slowly drifts farther way, dreams of having a relaxing weekend get away without splashing out and spending all of our savings seem far, far away… Discovering a loophole and going on a fab (cheap) get-away is something we all need and we’ve discovered a way for it to be possible… and in the beautiful Paris! All it takes is a few simple steps and soon you’ll be living the high life, wondering around the Louvre, nibbling on snails… feeling oh so very French.

1. Plan your transport

When planning a Europe trip, there always comes the question of transport, should we fly or take the train or even brave driving? However thanks to the Eurostar, this answer is made very clear for us. Instead of travelling all the way to the airport, to then have to check in two hours early and wait, you can arrive at Kings Cross St Pancras half an hour before your departure time. The train seats, not just in first class, are big and very comfy and a short 2.5 hours later, you’ll arrive right in the center of Paris, no commute needed. You can even get a return train ticket as cheap as £60 if you are super organized and book in advance.

Gare Du Nord

2. Be clever with the tourist attractions

The best thing to do when arriving in Paris is to decide which of the popular tourist attractions are a must, which are worth it. Obviously everyone goes to Paris hoping to see the magnificent Eiffel Tower in all its glory standing against a clear blue sky, (and that doesn’t cost anything!!) but is it really worth queuing for a couple of hours and paying a huge sum to go up the Eiffel Tower to then see the beautiful city of Paris from above, without it’s iconic landmark in the picture? Why not travel across the city to the equally as famous Arc de Triomphe and climb up that for free. That way you can see the expanding Paris city, with the beautiful Eiffel Tower standing tall right in the center of your picture. Also make sure that you stop by the Eiffel tower at night where it is lit up by twinkling lights that sparkle every hour…


3. Walk around the 6th arondisement

It costs nothing to wander around the beautiful Parisian streets but it is guaranteed to be absolutely beautiful, especially in the 6th arondisement where the architecture is spectacular and typically Parisian. Moreover, the Latin Quarter has delicious food for cheaper prices than your typical touristic cafes on the Champs Elysses.


4. Visit the Shakespeare & Company book shop

Wonder down to Saint Germain, where hidden amongst the bustling cafes is the Shakepeare & Co. bookshop. It is a maze and a hidden wonder, stacked from floor to ceiling with book, books and more books. Spend the afternoon getting lost in the world of literature, of every genre, style and size… and they’re all in English! The rooms are filled with glass floors, hidden nooks, and huge plush armchairs to sink into with a good book. The Shakespeare & Company bookshop is so popular that there is usually a queue down the street just to get in, this is not something to miss!


5. Eat a crêpe at the Jardin des Tuileries

There is no chance that you can leave Paris without having tasted the amazingly delicious Parisian crepes, and why not enjoy it in the beautiful gardens of Tuleries. You can unwind in the scenic landscapes of Paris, relax on the grass, or stroll around the gardens, all while engorging yourself on absolute deliciousness. Once you’ve tasted one you’ll never be able to stop… Trust me, by the time you leave Paris you’ll be sick of them!


6. Visit Montmartre

Montmartre is another amazing quarter of Paris, always buzzing with people and full of life. It is such a fun place to enjoy your day and is once again free of charge! The streets are filled with artists who sing and dance or performance groups acting out funny mimes and sketches and they are all actually extremely talented. You can also get famous Parisian portraits of yourselves drawn here, get yourself painted in cartoon with a French beret and mustache, or sketched posing under the Eiffel Tower, you name it, they can do it, especially in Montmartre!


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