Spring/Summer 2015 Prada

Such is the excitement surrounding a Prada fashion show that spectators can’t help but make assumptions as soon as the invitation lands. Let’s see, a beige linen card coated in plastic. Not much to conclude from that. The next clue: the venue. This evening, Mrs. Prada’s space on Via Fogazzaro was decked out in rust-coloured deep pile carpet, while the centre of the room was filled with peaked dunes of lavender sand, tons of the stuff, sparkling under the spotlights – it filled the air with a sweet perfume and looked like it would zing on the tongue like sherbet, should one wish to try it.

These thoughts, and others, were racing through the mind until 42 minutes later when the wait was finally over. Out came Gemma Ward (after a six-year hiatus from the industry) dressed in a narrowly cut double-breasted black coat with Seventies collar and contrast lines of basic running stitch outlining the seams. The idea of craftsmanship here was prevalent. Edges on everything were left to fray, jagged hemlines on sheer toile-like skirts appeared as though they had been hacked off backstage, minutes before exiting. It all communicated an element of ownership, of wear and tear.

Her choice of vintage-style fabrics were opulent and seemed more suited to upholstering than dressmaking; heavy damasks, rich flocking and brocades – which were especially made for this collection (Mrs. Prada keen to do her part to keep the tradition and skill alive) – were all the sort of materials more commonly used for curtains or to renew a sofa. Here, they were cut up and mixed and matched together, or used as trims – off-cuts if you like – spliced into leather A-line skirts. Chinoiserie even got a look – in via oriental silk shirts layered under mustard ribbed knitted vests.

The soundtrack was Kiss Me, borrowed from The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, a film by Marie Losier that centres on the life and work of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and his wife and collaborator Lady Jaye, it follows the sexual transformations they underwent during their Pandrogyne project, merging into one being. It was a provocative and powerful choice. Was Mrs. Prada merging the two worlds of the past and the future? The old with the new? It doesn’t really matter, these clothes were so spine-tingling good – and the accessories, too; clog boots and sublime bowling bags crafted from black crocodile with tan leather accents – she would be hard pushed to have found a record that didn’t set it all off with such emotional intensity.

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Spring/Summer 2015 Oscar de la Renta

AN Oscar de la Renta fashion show, perhaps more than any other, is one where show-goers are transported into a parallel universe. It’s quiet, away from the smog and heat and hustle and bustle. There’s no pushing and shoving – this is a world of refined elegance and decorum and it’s a real treat to visit. Sometimes, that can all add up to something terribly grown up but this season, the 82-year old designer presented a collection that was fresh, youthful and utterly gorgeous.

Yes, those fabrics were opulent; his jumbo broderie anglaise looked like the finest in the world, but silhouettes were whipped up into something pretty and young. There were even midriffs bared between buoyant skirts and cropped A-line tops, while his florals were all sweetness and light. Gingham is a trend to note – it’s now popped up on numerous occasions throughout the week – here, it arrived in baby pink and blue.

Stuffed toy elephants were perched on everyone’s seat, they were gifts from the Clinton Foundation to raise awareness of poachers. They were cute, and further proof – as if it were needed – that Oscar de la Renta knows the way to a woman’s heart.


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Je suis Charlie

Last week in Paris was definitely something that I will never forget.

Living only one stop from the initial Charlie Hebdo attack I think it is safe to say that I stayed hidden in my apartment for a good three days, not knowing really what on earth was going on and if it would ever be safe for me to leave. If it wasn’t for the only English Channel on my TV – BBC world news, I probably would still be cooped up. However that wasn’t the case, I soon ventured out and found Paris amazingly calm, quiet and under control. It amazed me how safe I felt walking around, getting to class, taking the metro etc….that was until the next shootings happened.

Luckily I had my friend coming to visit me at the weekend to completely take my mind off everything. Lucky for me (maybe not for her) but it meant that we really just had to get on and forget what was going on. I met Hattie at the station Friday night and we enjoyed the evening catching up and chatting about everything and anything all evening. We also attempted to munch chocolate mousse that I had prepared but unfortunately it was more chocolate then mousse and tasted yuck.

I am and have always been a terrible cook.

Over the weekend we did all of the main tourist sights – of course. We ate snails like true Parisians at the cutest little cafe de L’industrie. Went for afternoon tea and macaroons at Laduree and, just to be truly spoilt, had brunch at my favourite – Angelinas.

On Sunday we accidentally got caught in the ‘Je suis Charlie’ march as it was practically impossible to avoid the 1.5 million people walking. I am actually now very glad that this happened, it was surprisingly nice to walk with people so passionate about their country and fighting for peace and unity.

Birds of a Feather | Dressing Down the Traditional Embellishment

We’re used to seeing feathers on the red carpet and at the ballet, but the fancy fluff looks just as good on the street. We’ve spotted feathered coats, skirts, and even sandals on the show circuit, and mixed with casual knits and outerwear, they look special without being over-the-top.

1-pfashionwstyle1222-08-pfashionwstyle20 3-13-milan8Anna Dello Russo stepped out in an unraveling feathery dress.Ece Sukan mixed her feathered skirt with other textures, like a thick knit and fuzzy coat.

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