Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Michael Kors

Autumn/Winter 2014-15|March 12, 2014


20140312-144731.jpg Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a billionaire don’t you know, but that doesn’t mean his feet aren’t still very much on the ground – in fact that’s probably what has made him the man with all the money.

“I’m a big city guy,” said the designer, elaborating that it’s still seeing real people on the streets of New York that inspires him. For this collection, he combined that with a dose of charm and romanticism for a renewed sense of luxury living – the clothes were as casual as they were dressed up. “The whole show is really about convergence. Why do you want to wait until the Academy Awards to wear beautiful embroidery?” And with that he gave us chiffon for day, and a blouse and trousers for night.

It was about turning things on their head but keeping them supremely luxurious all the way.

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