Time For A Turtleneck

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As if we needed any more proof that the turtleneck is back, the runway collections and street style ensembles at Fall Fashion Week have certainly proved its case. Although, this time it seems that fashion’s elite have given us a licence to style the tall-neck knit in ways we haven’t seen it worn before. We’ve seen editors layer them under box tees and bloggers rock them in a cape form.

So, wipe away that memory of pulling on a turtleneck and baggy jeans in the ’90s and be inspired to work the snugly style back into your wardrobe for Winter – in a chic way, that is.

There’s no denying that turtlenecks fall under the category of trickier tops to wear. After all, up until recently, they had a misguided reputation for being frumpy and unflattering. However, when styled right, this cold-weather classic can actually transform your ensemble and—dare I say it?—make you look incredibly cool.

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The hugely successful Autumn/Winter 2015-26 J.Crew Collection

I hope that by now you’ve put aside all your preconceived notions of turtlenecks and fully accepted how chic they really are. After all, everyone knows there’s is nothing sexier than flaunting a bold, covered-up style that leaves a bit to the imagination. Plus, ’tis the season to shop for cozy separates. It’s Winter, and admit it, you’re totally freezing.

And as all stylish women know, chunky knits don’t mean you have to skimp on style.