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My Sunday Morning.

After making us travelling through a bohemian chic fantasy for height years, the french designer of the well know brand virginie castaway, Virginie Guarisco finally put down her suitcases full of memories and freedom to create independently her second label.

"Une road story dont la quête s’achève un dimanche matin ensoleillé,
pour donner naissance à une marque emprise de force et d’authenticité"


My Sunday Morning… is a generous, lavish and delicate collection, using strong and well balanced printed fabrics.

A sense of awakening is invoked through the tender stitching and airy, flowing models while transparent fabrics allow us to discover the body veiled beauty.


Touching on themes of renewal and independence, Virginie Guarisco reconnects with her Australian roots giving us essential and creative fashion in a simple way.

Launching her second label, My Sunday Morning

The inspiration comes from Sunday Morning walking on the beach, meeting friends for a brunch, relaxing with a book, jumping on the bed with kids … Focus on Boho- Chic with a touch of French sophistication the design is full of Freedom, Love and Creativity.

Interview with designer Virginie Guarisco:


Describe your perfect Sunday morning?
In family, waking up with the sun light and the song of the birds in Avalon Sydney, catching up with some friends with kids for an healthy substancial and delicious brunch at the Beach House café.

What inspires you – visual and mentally?
Traveling has always and will always be a great source of inspiration.
My favorites spots of inspiration are Los Angeles and Sydney in Australia. The way of thinking, the easy Life Style, the boho-chic and healthy attitude makes me feel relaxed and enlightened. We fly there in family once every season before starting creating a new collection.
My creations are essentially based on vintage pieces, and a few photos…

What do people get when buying clothes from your new label?
They will be sharing the strong values that I’d like to speak for…
Integrity, authenticity, family, love, freedom, beauty, positive way of thinking, and a lot more!

What separate My Sun day Morning from other fashion labels?
I create and design all the styles that belong to my collections, and work on unique fabric patterns in cooperation with my husband who own a textile printing factory in Italy. This working approach makes the brand fully authentic, exclusive and independent from the rest of the fashion industry.

How did you get the idea for this new label?
On a Sunday Morning brunching with some of my girlfriends in Paris 
I wanted to start a new cycle of creation, and it was the perfect day and atmosphere to go with.

Your favorite pieces from the SS15 collection?
It’s a trick question, but I would say the kimonos, the Tiger sweater and the antic cotton laces blouses…
Would you say that My Sun day Morning is closer to your heart when it comes to describing your own style?
It can’t be closer to who I am. My Sunday Morning is an intimate feeling that I like to share through my collections with all the daily life strong, generous, sweet, stylish, pure, fun, simple, beautiful & devoted women that we all are.

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How will you describe your success (your road story)?
After 8 years of success being the designer of virginie castaway. It’s was the time for me to focus a new positive energy : Family! The birth of my son Eliott has been changing my approach of life, and I m sure every Mum will agree on this point, I’s a big change 😉 Especially the way you see yourself.
It’s the reason why “being a cast-away” traveling the world wasn’t accurate anymore, and my Sunday Morning the beginning of a great adventure!

Have you always loved to dress up and create things?
Oh Yesss! But before flying to Australia for a year and start designing and making my first collection, I was working as a Product Chef manager dealing with numbers, production process and delivery timing. My Mum, who has done Art School when she was young, never considered the design as a real job, so we compromised on this point and I studied marking specialized in the fashion industry.

The first item you ever bought?
Antic vintage cotton blouse with beautiful laces embellishments…and a pair of black motorbike leather boots!

Vintage printed antic kimonos, old silk lingerie pieces, big and warm sweater.

Where do you travel/go for inspiration?
Los-Angeles, Sydney, Paris flee markets and “brocantes”.

The best item you have? And the worst?
I’m in love with a few delicate vintage pieces and silk lingerie.
The worst item would be one pair of crazy 70’s boots made with a mix of leathers patches, very hard to describe!

The colors you love?
I like colors only in prints…The plain colors I use are always very soft like off-white, light-grey, kaki or the basic deep black.


Your top-three-designers?
Yves-Saint-Laurent for his “avant-gardisme”.
Gabrielle Chanel for her strong independent personality.
Olivier Rousteing for his great energy.

What do we not know about you?
I have magic powers 😉

Who do you most admire and why?
Integrity and honesty…because it makes me feel in confidence.

The best compliment you have ever got?
The gratitude from the Queen of Spain, Letizia Ortiz, who send me a little note of congratulations on my designs. I was really touched for the great gesture.

Where in the world would you say that the best dressed women are?
Well, every country has their own cultures and fancy women, but I would say that Paris is the city that has the closer fashion codes than mine…

Your best styling advice?
Feel good in what you choose to wear, don’t try to be someone else and always respect and play with the curves of your body.

The secret to how mixing new and old?
Finding the good balance is important, but I would be able to give the right recipe…it’s in your eyes.
For instance if you have a brand new fancy dress, break the style with a big loose jumper and an old pair of shoes.

The best fashion quote you know about?
“L’élégance c’est l’élimination”. from Cristobal Balenciaga – I don’t know if it’s well translated but :”The elegance is the elimination”… or “Simplicity is elegance”

If you should be doing something else, what would it be?
I really love taking photos, so I would simply be a photographer.


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Thank you My Sunday Morning for my beautiful presents!

You were right…I do love them!


For more information on My Sunday Morning or to shop their collection visit:

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Spring/Summer 2015 Simone Rocha

Spring.Summer 2015 Simone RochasSpring.Summer 2015 Simone Rochas 4

Simone Rocha must be the most romantic designer working today. The most, because she doesn’t interpret romance as surface prettiness; she evinces a real disdain for the lazy storytelling of rococo frills or wispy lengths of chiffon. Rocha gets at the emotional life of romance, its skipping heartbeat. This season, with a tip of the hat to Pina Bausch, and to Wong Kar-wai’s Hong Kong, she conjured the ways love can make you feel sideways and see-through, or like a floral bouquet, overripe, reaching out to be touched. Love making you feel languorous, impatient, and dark, dark, dark—as though that throb of constant longing must be so obvious it’s scribbled over you, or growing off of you, like moss. In its best passages, this strong show expressed the torch song tawdriness of romance. For god’s sake, there was even marabou.

Fabrication was key here. You could even say it was the central focus of this collection. Rocha has always been ambitious with her textiles, but what felt new this season was the sensitivity and specificity with which she deployed them: a light touch of embroidery on pink mesh, the graphic counterpoint of floral embellishment on a sheer white sheath, that lurid marabou snaking around a dress of silvery brocade. Black or white cloque introduced a tone of reserve, its tactility serving less as an invitation to be touched than as a kind of shell. Love can make you hard and aloof, too. Rocha’s genuinely weird looks merging nude mesh and white cloque seemed suggestive of the schizophrenia of romance—the vulnerability and fear of same. We are tender. We grow walls.

Those pieces will prove challenging at retail. Not so the breakthrough looks here: Rocha forged new ground with the gaudy red floral in the collection. This was her first significant use of print, and she entered it into her aesthetic vocabulary with real aplomb, making it three-dimensional via appliqué. The simple red floral dress appliquéd all along the hem and down either side was the standout look of the show. It made your heart skip a beat. It made you fall—at least a little—in love.

Spring.Summer 2015 Simone Rochas 3

Spring.Summer 2015 Simone Rochas 2Spring.Summer 2015 Simone Rochas 5

Spring/Summer 2015 Marc Jacobs


A BUBBLE GUM pink suburban house sits on pink gravel in the Park Lane Armoury. The audience are seated on banks of shagpile pink carpeted benches and each given a pair of Beats by Dr Dre headphones to wear for the show. Through the headphones a disembodied voice intones instructions: “Bring out the crooked smile and the backpack”; “Go into the house and take a shower”.

Is he talking to the Marc Jacobs army parading around the exterior of the house in military serge with their mandarin-collared jackets and oversized buttons? Is he controlling the girls with their shaggy black bobs and their satin-belted army style? Who is he?

Fashion shows as theatre is something Jacobs is a master of and possibly it distracts from seeing the clothes for what they are. Certainly some of the details like the huge resin buttons, the macramé lace inserts, the rich luxury of the wool and linen were of the highest quality. It didn’t look much like a spring/summer collection but the glitter-strapped sliders will no doubt be on everyone’s wish list any day now.

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Spring/Summer 2015 Lanvin

TWO years ago, Alber Elbaz celebrated his 10th anniversary at Lanvin (complete with karaoke from the designer himself no less), but tonight he was celebrating 125 years of the brand.

That’s a – cause for celebration, and b – cause for enlisting some of your favourite fashion friends to take to the catwalk for you – with Amber Valetta (all hair slicked back and in a slinky black column dress) among the model line-up. Edie Campbell later followed with a mop head of blonde ruffled hair, all louche and cool in a slouchy tuxedo.

And while there was no cake or karaoke from Alber this time (although there was a little dance – well, wiggle – from him at the end) what there was, was a breadth of clothes for a breadth of women to show just why and how Elbaz is a much adored designer at the house of Lanvin.

It began with sleek Grecian dresses, slit at the thigh, in navy, black and white, substantial jewellery clamped around the neck and a bag appearing with every look. These – elegant and gently draped numbers – seemed like a due and appropriate nod to Jeanne herself. We then moved on to Alber’s own repertoire – super sophisticated tailoring for today’s woman but with his rough edges and open seams for design distinction, followed by what we know and love him best for – party dresses.

They were less cocktail and punchy than we know from him (we’ve seen these in bright jewel shades), but you can’t help but think this was the designer stepping aside slightly in honour of the house. There all the same, they were molten and metallic and had his signature sumptuous luxe about them: lace, pearls, all together. Next it was on to a series of wafty and light printed tunic dresses, a modern and short bohemian riff on the Lanvin robe de style perhaps. They came in vivid yellow and red.
The take away from this collection was Elbaz’s ability to design and cater for a multitude of women – just as his model line-up proved. And that’s the key to Lanvin’s success right now.


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