Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Victoria Beckham

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Any woman will tell you that comfort is key when it comes to her wardrobe. And this sentiment is very much what Victoria Beckham had at the forefront of mind for her collection today – a cocooning, comforting and covered-up affair.

“It’s not about one theme – but instead thinking about what women really want to wear and how they want their clothes to make them feel,” said the designer in her notes, later explaining that the longer she’s worked in fashion, the more clothes she seems to wear, the more she covers up. This is how SHE feels. And let’s remember her collections are always very representative of her own wardrobe.

But that didn’t mean covering up in the cloaked, clunky, one-too-many-layers sense; far from it. This was a sexy and sophisticated take that put shape at its centre for soft and womanly silhouettes: curved shoulders on coats whose sleeves went some way into creating the collar; sleeves on navy jumpers that cascaded into oversize; elegant drapes swaying across knits; chunky corduroys that looked heavy and substantial but were actually incredibly light; and a clever take on patchwork for fabrics that felt special and unique.

Because, aside from a new take on sexiness, or rather a return to it (it felt like there were nods to her earlier collections), there was an overall bounce with everything here – the swing in skirts comprised from velvet and chiffon hearts fluttering around the legs; the spring in tweedy wools on coats and dresses elsewhere.

Sculptural and body-conscious (more in feeling than just strict silhouette-defining shape), it was all very wearable just as VB had set out to do and her fashion empathy will no doubt pay off.

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Totally British

Tourist day out in London.

Started with the most wonderful Breakfast in The Wolsey, arguably the best of the capitals ‘grand’ cafes, the opulent high ceiling space welcomes businessmen, tourists, celebrities – Michael Parkinson reading his paper right on the table next to us – and a basketful of regulars. We didn’t hold back ordering a basket full of warm freshly baked pastries, a full English, Eggs Florintine and of course tea, coffee and juice to sip at whilst listening to the chatter and endless people watching.

Shopping in Victoria Beckham’s new Dover Street store. There are a few things to learn about this long awaitened store; it was disingenuous by Farshid Moussavi one of the most successful female architects currently designing, it has its own unique signature decent – Diptyque’s Feu de Bois candles, there’s a Damien Hirst in the VIP personal shopping area and Victoria’s favourite feature of the whole store is the dark beetle-she’ll green glass wall of the changing room. Plus I just absolutely love the zig-zag clothes rail!

Next stop was a tour of Buckingham Palace to visit the newly opened Childhood exhibition featuring well loved toys, treasured family gifts and tiny outfits belonging to nine generating of royal children. My favourite being a tiny dressing own that once belonged to Harry which when worn resembles a guards uniform standing at the gates. The exhibition gives visitors a very personal insight into life as a young member of the royal family.

We were also able to wander around the nineteen state rooms of the palace taking in the breathtaking artwork, sparkling chandeliers, canelabras and other famouse and historic furniture placed within each room. The Throne room being the most special of them all with beautiful red wallpaper decorated in the most intricate gold work and of course the two red thrones at the end of the room waiting for a special occasion to be used.

To finish such an amazing day we had a wonderful dinner at Outlaw’s at the Capital specialising in fish dishes, my absolute favourite.

This Michelin starred restaurant boasts an ever changing array of unique dishes created using British seafood caught predominantly around the coast of Cornwall. Masterminded by Nathan Outlaw and Head Chef Pete Biggs, who source the freshest and best seafood from fishermen they know. They let the ingredients take centre stage to produce a menu that can’t be found elsewhere.

To start I tried the seafood risotto and mains the special, delicately bread crumbed cod with muscles. An absolute must, I definitely recommend for any seafood lovers!

What I wore:

Whistles white top, Reiss black trilby hat, Jbrand black jeans, Top-Shop black boots, Joseph grey leather jacket, Monica Vinader jewellery and grey Prada bag.

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Autumn/ Winter 2014-15 Victoria Beckham

Autumn/ Winter 2014-15 Victoria Beckham

NOT that long ago, if someone had said that Victoria Beckham would soon be designing a collection that would land somewhere between Celine and The Row, no one would have believed it.

But in recent seasons, Beckham has moved away from those signature dresses that she built her brand upon. The success of those “sucky-sucky” dresses – as she herself refers to them (given that they hold its wearer in like a support device) – have taken a backseat to a longer, more fluid line. A little bit masculine, a lot nonchalant and yes, it does riff on the likes of Philo.

Her outing this morning continued along that path. She said that she was thinking about things in the round, as in 3D, and that idea came to light in her opening look, a beautifully-cut longline coat, which had chiffon box pleats at the back; pleats it also transpired, would be a recurring idea here. In particular, a pleated maxi skirt layered over narrow trousers felt new from Beckham.

There were some attempts at adding elements of decoration to all this sophisticated simplicity; a chunky gold chain side fastening appeared again and again, popping up everywhere from said skirt, to coats, to backless halterneck tunics. Frothy ruffles gently skirted sheer tops and a curious abstract print popped up on a couple of occasions.

There were a lot of perfectly lovely pieces here today – not least a slouchy roll neck top rendered in ivory silk that tapered in at the hip. No doubt many women will want that and more of this in their wardrobes come autumn. It just would have been nice to have seen a bit more of her in this collection.

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