Spring/Summer 2015 Altuzarra

imageimageShe’s an expensive creature the Altuzarra woman. Just look at her in that rich tobacco suede shirtdress. Evenwhen she adopts a touch of seersucker pastel gingham, it’s done so in a lean pencil skirt suit and comes over as more pristine than picnic, because well, everything is this woman’s wardrobe is pristine: from the series of lattice leather vests and pencil skirts (meticulously bonded and grommeted together by hand and worn with nothing underneath but a monied suntan) to those silky shirt dresses with slits up to there (few could execute such slashes without proceedingsturning unsavoury).

Altuzarra is expert at dressing his woman. Those shirt dresses are a favourite of his, so too those wrap-around skirts with ribbon streams and ties, and disrupted blanket stripes on slubbed linen car coats. “Rosemary’s Baby and Barry Lyndon were the starting points for this collection,” reveals the designer. “I became interested in the idea of a sinister and undone prettiness and romance, ill-fated and doomed.”

Certainly there was a romance to his series of wafting eveningwear; wisp-thin and sail-like in volume in a manipulated ikat print, and elsewhere, slithers of black silk slip dresses were trimmed in tiny dangling seed pearls; Altuzarra said he wanted to evoke ideas in 17th century jewellery and adornment.

A triumph.




Spring/Summer 2015 Peter Pilotto

Spring.Summer 2015 Peter Pilotto 2 Spring.Summer 2015 Peter Pilotto

All hail the rainbow warriors. Just when it seemed that Peter Pilotto had gotten into a bit of a rut, Christopher De Vos and Peter Pilotto pulled one of their occasional aesthetic reboots, vastly simplifying their shapes and trying a new approach to embellishment. Psych rock and the Summer of Love served as the duo’s starting point this time out, references easily legible in the collection’s array of A-line minidresses and bold resin embroideries, which came in shapes and colors familiar to anyone acquainted with acid-trip art.

The clothes weren’t deep, but they were a great deal of fun. And superficiality was, in a way, the point: The straightforward silhouettes here served as a canvas for surface play, whether nacreous material heat-pressed in flower or tile formation onto organza, or plastic thread woven into a kind of lace, then topped with additional decoration – doodle-like designs on black.

Really, the collection was all punch, and it had a youthful flair that had been missing from the Pilotto oeuvre of late. There were some lady-ish looks in the mix, too—the show-closing look, of brightly colored fabric draped to create some of those acid-trip shapes, could work on a woman of just about any age.

Spring.Summer 2015 Peter Pilotto 5Spring.Summer 2015 Peter Pilotto 3Spring.Summer 2015 Peter Pilotto 4

Fringe For Fashion | 30/04/2015


This spring, your wardrobe will be seriously lacking if you don’t invest in the style of the moment: fringe – for your body not for your hair. Wear it on your skirt, jacket, tops, bags or shoes every brand has interpreted this new style in their own way. From maxi skirts at Proenza Schouler to knee-high boots at Etro, this flirty trim added an element of surprise to even the most sophisticated shapes. As Gianni Versace once said, “Less is a bore,” so why not pile it on together?

Shop the look with my favourite fringes below.

fringefringe 2

fringe 3fringe 4


Cape Town, South Africa

I’ve been spending Easter weekend at my home-from-home in South Africa ever since I can remember. With cousins, uncles, aunts, family and friends all moving south for this holiday I couldn’t think of any other way to spend Easter.

Lazy days by the pool, beach walks, whale watching, mountain climbing, breath taking wine tours and of course epic Easter egg hunts are all essential activities that make this holiday so special. Nothing makes me happier than being by the sea, lying in the sun, eating unforgettable food and tanning until the clear blue skies turn into a night of stars.

If you have never visited Cape Town I cant emphasise more how beautiful this city is. After being back for two days I’m already planning if next year I can stay longer or somehow just stay forever. Still, back to Paris I must go, I have an MBA to complete, a job to get and a future to create before I can start dreaming of running away.


To sum up in a little list my favourite things to do in Cape Town:

  • Table Mountain – of course! This is the most important touristy thing that anyone should do. Especially if you are able to get the cable-car up for sunset and watch the city transform from day to night.
  • The Waterfront – if you’re ever stuck of what to do or where to do then head here. Always amazingly busy full of shops, cafes, restaurants and bars you will be completely entertained.
  • Camps Bay – Increasingly the most popular place to go in Cape Town. With a beautiful beach (but a sea that will make your body turn blue it is so cold), this is the perfect place for locals, tourists and everyone else in between to relax in the sun and enjoy the scenery. Not to mention the bars and restaurants that are definitely become ‘places to see or be seen’.
  • Boulders Beach – Not always everyone’s cup of tea but I have been going here since I was little so it will always be one of my favourite things to do in Cape Town. It is a beach full of penguins! Swim with them in the sea, sunbath with them on the sand they are everywhere. I love it!